The Ten Thousand Flowers Project is headed by lifelong artist, Tim Gibson. Tim’s vision is to bring communities together to create one giant mural stretching over a mile long, filled with ten thousand colorful flowers. To make it even more unique this massive mural will be split into hundreds of interconnecting parts like a giant jigsaw puzzle and created in over one hundred communities across the US from Florida to Alaska. And the best part; each mural will be painted by dozens of local volunteers from each of those communities.

Here’s how it works. After a suitable wall has been selected and prepped, lead artist Tim Gibson, sketches in each unique mural and then guides the team of volunteers to fill in the colors. Finally, Tim follows behind, outlining the flowers, filling in special details and touching up where needed. Result? A beautiful, bold and colorful work of art created for the community, by the community, and in communities all across America. 


 The artwork is intentionally simplistic, allowing anyone (the artistically inclined and the not so artistically inclined) to participate in the creation of the mural. If you can handle a coloring book you are qualified to join the team. Families will work together, and neighbors will assist neighbors. Scout troops, civic groups and local organizations will share paint brushes and laughter as they proudly create their local piece of something amazing. 

Gibson kicked off the project in the summer of 2018 by completing the first four murals in his home town of Perkasie PA and neighboring Sellersville PA.

In the spring of 2019 he is scheduled to complete 3 more installations in Perkasie (Grasse Elementary & Pennridge High School) and Kutztown (Betty’s)

On June 8th, the first leg of the flower tour begins with a six month tour down the east coast where Tim will stop at over 25 towns and cities from Escort Station Maine to KeyWest Florida.

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