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There's a lot of negativity in the news these days, but there's also a lot of people out there spreading good, including one project that stopped in the Upper Valley this week.

Nalah Cornish is a soft-spoken five-year-old, and she is a really good painter…


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A drive through the borough of idyllic Perkasie yield some memorable sights: quiet streets lined with American flags; quaint antique shops, restaurants, an art gallery or two; and brightly colored flowers-99 of them, to precise- adorning the walls and buildings. Each flower bears the fingerprints of Tim Gibson, the 23-year-old artist and Perkasie native who spearheaded an ambitious mural-painting project he hopes to take for beyond the borders of Perkasie.



“So far in Perkasie, we have 99 flowers,” said Tim Gibson, the artist who came up with the idea for the Ten Thousand Flowers Project.

Those 99 flowers are drawn on a mural in three different places in the borough — a retaining wall behind borough hall, Chimayo Gallery and Threddies.

The next step is to arrange to paint other sections of about 100 flowers each in about 100 other small towns across the country, then a return to Perkasie to finish up the project by painting the 10,000th and final flower here…



Kutztown residents helped paint a community mural on the exterior of Betty’s on Main Street as part of the Ten Thousand Flowers Project.

“Our goal is to keep a sustainable town and make it more livable with holistic endeavors and community building projects. We have beautification initiatives so this is one. The whole idea of it being flowers ties in with our native plant garden,” said Kutztown Thriving chair Caecilia Holt…


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In 2018, Tim Gibson, an artist from Pennsylvania, embarked on a mission. He converted a small bus into a traveling home and set out with one goal: to paint more than 10,000 flowers in the United States. But this isn’t a solo project. In every town Gibson visits, he calls for the community to come out and help him. Gibson sets up a mural, outlines the flowers, and allows everyone to join in to paint them. Each mural features a jigsaw effect, creating one singular painting stretching across the country…